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VR & AR Development

Thelma & Boom is an industry innovator incorporating modern digital media techniques as part of the entertainment design process. Our current design pipeline optimizes development through each design phase, avoiding design redundancy from phase to phase. As a result, our clients benefit from an improved communication pipeline of the design intent, while experiencing tangible schedule and cost savings.

Thelma & Boom has become a key partner in the design of unique content-driven experiences combining the latest technologies including computer-generated imagery (CGI), visual effects (VFX), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and gaming.

Our team’s long history developing VR applications, starting with CAVE system R&D, over a decade ago, gives us an in-depth understating of the capacities and limitations of the currently available systems. This experience is shared with our clients to find the optimum path to meet their goals.

We are the right partner to create the most compelling VR interactive ride or immersive visualizations.