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About Thelma & Boom

Global Understanding

Thelma & Boom is a multidisciplinary group specializing in design and management services for entertainment & leisure destinations, to clients worldwide. Our industry-specific expertise is complemented by our roots in traditional development and architecture. The result is an integrated development process designed to maximize every project’s potential and ultimately, ROI

Design: Technical Meets Guest Experience

A successful project is the result of balancing the creation of the best repeat guest experience through a solid design, and a properly executed development process. Our Technical experience includes international construction standards and guidelines, traditional Architecture development as well as Theming and Entertainment Development. The work is done to meet American Construction Standards.


Our Management experience includes fast-track design and construction; public-private partnership development process and private development too. Our team manages projects as design consultants; technical experts and owner’s representatives as well. This well rounded approach gives us a unique understanding of the potential and the challenges of every project, therefore, providing creative and efficient solutions to every facet of the process.


Concept Design

Schematic Design

Design Development

Master Planning


Design Packages

Project Management

Public/Private Partnerships

Construction Administration

Integrated Entertainment Practice

Thelma & Boom has streamlined the development cycle into our own process which we call Integrated Entertainment Practice or IEP. IEP is the concept of integration of all required design and technical expertise with such precision throughout the life of a project that each member contributes his/her expertise in conjunction with the overall team avoiding overlapping or gaps in design or construction. The project becomes a collaborative journey between all the experts to maximize the efficiency and resources available.